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Personality Profile

Do you know yourself?

Have you ever heard or given any of the following feedback?

Then within your career or educational setting, have you ever taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test?


Here are the 8 functions:

If each person has all the same functions, why are we so different?

Our cognitive functions & their order matter. Take a look below:

Comparison of ESTJ & ISTP

How do we explain this?

One side of the explanation is our NURTURE. Our experiences, values, age, & other characteristics that shape & define us outside of personality.

The other side is our NATURE, which describes how we are built, specifically how we gather information & make decisions.  

Cognitive functions & their order encompasses our nature.

Consider this understanding and learning a very powerful tool, providing the means to shape your life’s direction with confidence and clarity. 


A note from your coach:

Understanding my personality has been instrumental in navigating the significant challenges and choices I’ve made throughout my life. This insight has proven invaluable in diverse areas, including relationships, marriage, divorce, remarriage, parenting, homeschooling, my running pursuits, entrepreneurship, and authorship. The success this tool has brought me will continue to guide me in the future.

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