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My Story, My Challenges

“Never let people who choose the path of least resistance steer you away from your chosen path of most resistance.”-David Goggins


About Walsh Education & Coaching

My journey has been challenging, but I’ve thrived despite adversity, using my experiences to guide and empower others. As an ESTJ, harnessing my understanding of my personality type as helped me tremendously to navigate all aspects of my life with purpose and resilience.
The mission of Walsh Education & Coaching to is help others overcome their challenges and live their life with purpose, embracing life’s uncertainties while minimizing regrets.

By helping others understand themselves and their loved ones, I aim to make a difference in your life, fostering a sense of self-awareness and confidence that can lead to personal growth and fulfillment.

forged path

Independent Before Most

My early life was marked by abuse, neglect, and instability, teaching me tremendous grit from a young age. Placed in foster care at 6 and adopted at 8, I pursued my independence, leaving home during high school. Building relationships & balancing five part-time jobs, allowed me to graduate from Penn State University with an Administration of Justice degree. Despite my challenging start, I defied the odds and refused to let my past define me.

The Homeschooling Years

Homeschooling for almost a decade was undoubtedly one of the most fulfilling yet challenging chapters of my life. Throughout this period, I discovered depths of perseverance within myself that I never knew existed.

As an ESTJ, navigating the educational paths of my INTJ, ESFP, and ESTP children was a deeply rewarding experience. Each of them brought their unique strengths and personalities to the table, making our homeschooling dynamic and enriching.

I am immensely proud of not only their achievements, but the values I instilled in my children of hard work and financial responsibility. They’ve grown into compassionate, responsible adults.

bench medals

Running Years

Running was a life changing experience for me. With tenacity & hard work, I learned on my own how to run 70 miles a week to compete in my first marathon all during the hot Arizona summer. In my first marathon, I was able to run a qualifying time for the Boston Marathon.

Sun Rises

Writing a book

Never in my life did I believe I would become a published author. As I have seen with my entire life, this book has been a labor of love over the last year and a half. Writing it with Joyce Meng, popular coach & YouTube creator, it is a guidebook for all ESTJs and those that love ESTJs. Publishing date expected Fall 2024.

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