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Please read & if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

A 45-minute complimentary consultation is strongly encouraged. Given that we are building a relationship of trust, meeting prior to making a commitment to coaching is wise. This is an investment in your future.

I am not a licensed therapist. Life coaching works through current challenges. As a certified personality profiler, I will share guidance, but what you do with the information will be your personal responsibility. Seek a licensed therapist if you need more assistance.

The number of life coaching sessions that are recommended will vary depending on your specific needs. Typically, changes can be seen within three months with weekly sessions. Individual & coaching packages are tailored for your specific circumstances & convenience. The ability to extend any coaching package to accommodate more needs is available.

Yes, a signed life coaching agreement will be required prior to the first session after the consultation.

Yes, sessions will need to be scheduled in advance by calling or texting 480.707.8348 or emailing

Appointment hours (MST):

Monday-Thursday: 6am-8pm

Friday: 10am-3pm

Saturday & Sunday: 6am-noon

See information for out of state & international clients

I am located in Peoria, Arizona. 

Terms for in person session:

Within a 15 mile radius of Peoria, Arizona: no extra service charge

Outside of 15 miles & up to 60 miles: $15 service fee applies

Out of state & international clients are welcomed.

Please contact by calling or texting 480.707.8348 or email to schedule a convenient time for you.

Individual sessions:

$60: 60-75 minutes

  • Flexible, schedule when needed
  • No commitment to a set minimum number of sessions required

Coaching packages:

Platinum: $400, 10 sessions, 60-75 minutes ($40/session)

  • Discount for multiple sessions
  • Best value for coaching! You save $150 off individual sessions!
  • A ten (10) session commitment is required outlined in our coaching agreement & payment will be due prior to the first session
  • Package pricing, $40 per session, will remain in effect for more than 10 sessions if you should decide to extend
  • Review cancellation terms in coaching agreement

Gold: $250, 5 sessions, 60-75 minutes ($50/session)

  • Discount for multiple sessions
  • A five (5) session commitment is required outlined in our coaching agreement & payment is due in full prior to the first session
  • Any session after 4 & up to & including the 9th will have the $50 pricing. At the 10th session and beyond, the price will reduce to $40 per session
  • Review cancellation terms in coaching agreement

Contact 480.707.8348 for pricing for 2+ people in a session.

Personality profiles: $70

  • 90 minute workshop
  • Session includes a breakdown of your eight (8) cognitive functions, insight on your strengths & challenges, & guidance for your type 
  • Profiling needs to be scheduled in advance & payment will be collected at the conclusion of the profiling session.
  • An extra 10% off any coaching package is offered after a personality profile

Personality profiles are highly recommended prior to coaching to better understand yourself to strengthen your success, but are not necessary.

  • All coaching packages must be prepaid in advance.
  • Individual sessions and personality profiles will require payment at the conclusion of the session.

Unfortunately, insurance cannot be used for life coaching.

Payment will be accepted via:

  • Major credit card
  • Venmo
  • Apple Pay
  • Zelle

A session can be cancelled & rescheduled by calling or texting 480.707.8348.

See terms in coaching agreement for package cancellation.

The cancellation policy will be outlined in your coaching agreement. Please review prior to cancelling a package.

I am a faith-based coach. However, I recognize that many people have different views on faith & therefore, my faith will remain out of the session unless the client would like to discuss their faith. I am available for prayer for those seeking prayer.

I hold true to my core values of Knowledge, Action, & Tenacity.

Life coaching will require learning, self-reflection, & a dedication to change as change is not seen overnight. Through consistent effective action you will see the changes that you desire.

On Google! Please find me on Google & feel free to not only read the review of other clients, but leave one of your own!

Never hesitate to call or send a message to 480.707.8348 or email at

Who couldn’t use some coaching every once in a while? We all go through difficult times, and sometimes the burden feels too great to bear alone. Give someone you love the gift of care for their well-being.

Purchase for an individual session or any coaching package. Gift certificates expire within one year of purchase. Please contact 480.707.8348 if you are interested in purchasing a gift certificate.